Customer Testimonial – Charlie (Owner of Diamond)

Customer Testimonial – Charlie (Owner of Diamond):
Clara’s pet place was like home for Richy…we left him with her for 5 days, check in and check out was very convenient…even picked Richy up at night and Clara was most welcoming and very friendly, Richy made friends with another dog in there, Clara even video called us to say hi to Richy while we were abroad, we felt that he was taken care as if he were Clara’s, thank you for your hospitality, we highly recommend Clara’s place.

Customer Testimonial – Merlyn (Owner of Molly)

Customer Testimonial Merlyn (Owner of Molly)

Makasi Derby Winner House dog & CI Clara. Molly yang uda dititip disini masih ceria kaya kalau di rumah aja, tambah hepi malah kayanya. Pas dititip juga ga pelit kasi info keadaan Molly.

Hehe tempatnya recommended banged
Lain kali pasti titip sini lagi hehehehe 🙂

Merlyn & Molly

Customer Testimonial – Blake and Wulan (Owner of Willow Smith)

Customer Testimonial – Blake and Wulan (Owner of Willow Smith):
Tempat penitipan bagus dengan full AC dan ci Clara ngasih banyak informasi. Recommended. sekali

Customer Testimonial – Fanseptiani (Owner of Chiro)

Customer Testimonial – Fanseptiani (Owner of Chiro):
Nice Place, tempatnya bersih dan rasanya aman banged nitipin anjing kesayangan di Derby Winner House

Customer Testimonial – Kartika (Owner of Lexus)

Customer Testimonial - Kartika (Owner of Lexus)

Customer Testimonial – Kartika (Owner of Lexus):
Thank you so much to take care my Lexus

Customer Testimonial – Kobee

Customer Testimonial - Owner of Kobe

Customer Testimonial – Kobee:
Thank you for taking care of me

Customer Testimonial – Clara (Owner of Bento)

Customer Testimonial - Clara (Owner of Bento)

Customer Testimonial – Clara (Owner of Bento):
Bento sudah pulang, setelah 10 dititipin ke Derby Winner House. Liburan nyaman gak kepikiran. Puji Tuhan ditaro tanggal 25 Des balik tanggal 3 Jan, dan Bento sehat tanpa kekurangan satu pun. Thank you Derby Winner House

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